Preliminary Report on OpenMath Workshop 1

Thanks to Stefan Vorkoetter for supplying these notes.

The workshop was held on 17-18 December 1993 at ETH Zurich. A list of participants is available.


A workshop to formulate a character based standard for the exchange of mathematical formulas and other mathematical objects between programs.

Notes on the presentations

For any presentations accompanied by paper(s), we omit detail here and refer the reader to the paper(s).

Gaston Gonnet gave an introduction to OpenMath, and outlined some of the requirements that such a protocol must have in order to function in arbitrary environments. Some of these requirements are:

Chris Howlett outlined Waterloo Maple Software's plans for OpenMath:

Stefan Vorkoetter described the current OpenMath proposal, as put forward by Waterloo Maple Software. During the ensuing discussion, some weaknesses and Maple-specific aspects were discovered:

Heikki Apiola described ESC, an Environment for Scientific Computation, which combines various mathematical tools.

Wolfgang Weck described his concept of a math protocol, based on modular decomposition and type extension:
"A Module Library for Computer Algebra", Dominik Gruntz, Wolfgang Weck (submitted to ISSAC 94).

Marc Gaetano described the ASAP protocol:
"Designing a protocol for exchanging mathematical objects", S. Dalmas, M. Gaetano, A. Sausse
"The ASAP Protocol: a description", S. Dalmas, M. Gaetano, A. Sausse
"A C library for ASAP", S. Dalmas, A. Sausse

Carlo Traverso described POSSO:
"The POSSO External Data Representation", J. Abbott, C. Traverso

Norbert Kajler spoke on building a computer algebra environment. He described the SAFIR project and CAS/PI:
"Building a Computer Algebra Environment by Composition of Collaborative Tools", Norbert Kajler

Mika Seppala gave a brief historical review of EuroMath.


Assignment of responsibilities

Waterloo Maple Software: will take care of the following list:

Carlo Traverso: design of an extension for polynomial manipulation.

Someone at CWI: design of an extension for group theory.

Michael Monagan, Marc Gaetano: design of an extension for programming.

Someone called MB: design of an extension for tensors.

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