Proceedings of OpenMath Workshop 2

These notes are largely in the form of scanned copies of the slides used during the presentations, though some are available as gzipped PostScript. A list of participants is also available.


John Abbott POSSO Proposed Polynomial Extensions (slides, about 70k)

Simon Gray A Progress Report on the Multi Project (no online information available)

Gaston Gonnet Semantics and Purposes of OpenMath (slides, about 75k)

Stefan Vorkoetter OpenMath Work in Progress at Waterloo Maple Software (slides, about 30k)

Marc Gaetano, Stéphane Dalmas, Yves Papegay SAFIR Project Update (slides, about 20k, gzipped PostScript)

Andreas Strotmann CALIF -- Computer Algebra Information Interchange Format (slides, about 30k, gzipped PostScript)

Neil Soiffer Problems with OpenMath (slides, about 60k)

Wolfgang Weck Some Thoughts about Mathematical Symbols (slides not available)

Carlo Traverso Posso and OpenMath (slides, about 8k)

Panel Session Semantics of the Protocol: How much or how little?

Stefan Vorkoetter (for Chris Howlett) Relations to Standardization Bodies (slides, about 10k)

Rüdiger Loos An Algebraic Kernel System (slides, about 80k)

Mika Seppälä Plans Under the Recently Approved HCM Proposal (HCM Network OpenMath)

Norbert Kajler, Ron Avitzur HISC Activities at RIACA (slides, about 20k, gzipped PostScript)

Future directions

After the talks and discussions, a general discussion was held to determine what to do next. There was a common feeling, also expressed in various presentations, that a precise definition of what OpenMath is and what problems it is intending to solve are, is required. The results of this discussion were the formation of two committees to oversee the continued development of the OpenMath standard.

The first of these committees is charged with the development of a position paper which is to state precisely what the goals and purposes of OpenMath are, and what aspects should be kept in mind when designing the actual protocol. This committee is to produce its paper and circulate it by e-mail by 30 September 1994. The members of the committee are:
Michael Richardson, Marcel Roelofs, Andreas Strotmann, Stefan Vorkoetter.

The second committee is then to (re)write the OpenMath specification based on the paper produced by the first committee. The revised specification is to be completed by 31 December 1994. The members of the second committee are:
John Abbott, Marc Gaetano, Ruediger Loos, Robert Sutor, Stefan Vorkoetter.

Both committees will confer by electronic mail.

James Davenport was asked to contact the SGML standards group to inform them of OpenMath and to see if we can work with them in any way.

Chris Howlett and Stefan Vorkoetter will continue communications and contacts with the standardization bodies to find possible overlaps and to identify a group where it could be suitable to present OpenMath for standardization. Prof R. Loos will contact DIN to explore the contacts with the Application Layer Definition group.

E-mail will continue to be our main communication means. RIACA will organize a centralized mailing list in cooperation with the existing ones at Waterloo Maple Software and the POSSO group. It is expected that either WMS or RIACA with set up a WWW server with all the information (proposals, previous e-mail, papers, etc) available.

A tentative schedule of future meetings was proposed by Dr M. Seppala:

These meetings will receive partial funding from the HCM proposal recently granted by the EU.

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