Proceedings of OpenMath Workshop 4

Copenhagen, 1-2 September 1995

Workshop 4 took place at the H.C. Ørsted Institute of the University of Copenhagen, at the invitation of the Euromath Centre. Electronic copies of slides of most of the presentations are available on WWW.

1 September 1995

External developments I (Chair: Sutor)

Karsten Homann The Mathematical Assistant Project (slides, gzipped PostScript, about 65k)
Norbert Kajler MP, as input to OpenMath (slides, gzipped PostScript, about 25k)
Shawn C. Sheridan What Mathlink has to offer (no slides)
Richard Timoney Progress Report from Euromath (slides, about 12k)

Internal developments (Chair: Cohen)

Bob Sutor Report on ISSAC, Montreal, and OpenMath Committee (slides, about 16k)
John Abbott Report on OpenMath Communications (slides, about 25k)
Plenary Discussion
James Davenport Overall Conclusions (no slides)

2 September 1995

External developments II (Chair: ???)

Bart Wage Elsevier's use of HTML, SGML, and Math Conventions (slides, about 30k)
Chris Rowley London Mathematical Society experience in electronic publishing (no slides)
Plenary Discussion on Electronic Publishing
Hans Schönemann The immediate needs of SINGULAR for OpenMath (slides, about 17k)
Winfried Neun ZIB's needs (slides, about 15k)
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