Proceedings of OpenMath Workshop 7

Dublin, 7-8th December 1996

Friday 6th December 1996
19:00   Preliminary discussions over dinner.

21:00   (private) Discussion on the more detailed ESPRIT proposal

Saturday 7th December 1996
09:30   Richard Timoney "Welcome to Dublin"

09:35   Mike Dewar "The OpenMath ESPRIT Proposal: current status"

09:45   John Abbott "The OpenMath Report"
        This talk covers the main points in the latest OpenMath Report which
        contains most of the technical developments achieved during the last
        year (excluding the "INRIA Prototype").

10:45   Coffee break.

11:15   Stephane Dalmas and Marc Gaetano "The INRIA Prototype"
        This is a talk about and demo of the OpenMath prototype developed
        during the last 4 months by collaboration between INRIA, ZIB and WMI.

12:30(approx)   Lunch.

14:00   Discussion about the OpenMath report, and the INRIA Prototype.
        (including the development of "reference" implementations).

15:00   Wend Werner "OpenMath and Editing"
        All text books will sooner or later be based on SGML, but SGML
        should only fix the lay-out of mathematical expressions.  The
        SGML-code won't carry the semantic meaning of the formulae.
        It is therefore desirable to have a device which adds the missing
        semantic content to a mathematical expression.  This requires an
        extension of Openmath's "semantic dictionaries".
        Most slides(gzipped PostScript)
        Interactive book example page

15:30   Arjeh Cohen "The ACELA Interactive Book Project"
        This talks describes what the ACELA projects aims to achieve and how
        it hopes to make use of OpenMath.  In particular the requirements
        ACELA has for OpenMath will be highlighted.
        Slide 1
        Slide 2

16:00   Tea break.

16:30   John Abbott "Proposal for The OpenMath Voting Procedure"
16:35   Discussion about The OpenMath Voting Procedure: procedural details;
        when should it be employed?

16:45   Discussion about the ESPRIT proposal.

18:00   End of day.

Further private discussion over dinner.

Sunday 8th December 1996
09:30   State of ESPRIT proposal.

09:45   Discussion about the development and distribution of specific
        "content dictionaries" (also known as "contexts").  This will include
        an appraisal of existing ones such as those in The OpenMath Report.

10:30   Coffee break.

11:00   Bob Sutor, "techexplorer, OpenMath, XML, etc.: An Update"
        In this talk I'll give an update on some of our plans
        regarding the use of OpenMath in IBM techexplorer technology.
        I'll also give an extremely brief introduction to proposed XML
        document standard.
        Slide 1
        Slide 2
        Slide 3
        Slide 4
        Slide 5
        Slide 6
        Slide 7
        Slide 8
        Slide 9
        Slide 10

11:20   Stephen Watt, "Cut and Paste//Drag and Drop".

11:40   Stephen Watt "Progress Report on HTML-Math".
        This will cover the latest developments in HTML-Math, and discuss
        how that project and OpenMath can assist one another.

12:00   Working session on the ESPRIT proposal.

13:00   End of day.

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