22nd OpenMath Meeting

Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada July 10th, 2009

The workshop page is still 22nd OpenMath Workshop 2009

This workshop happened aside of CICM 2009.

The business meeting of the OpenMath society was also held and led to the decisions reported in the minutes.


####Monday June 25th

This day has been recorded.

#####MathML session (Chair: Patrick Ion)


#####OpenMath Session: Contributed talks

#####OpenMath Session: Contributed talks (Chair: Stephen Watt)

####Tuesday June 26th

#####Authoring Maths: Position talks (Chair: Paul Libbrecht)

#####XML for Maths Tutorial presentations (Chair: Stephen Watt)

#####JEM Session Contributed talks (Robert Miner)

##Remotely Watching the Workshop

Recordings of the Workshop are being processed and have a quite variable degree of quality unfortunately (with some holes and some sound missing). Please find:

All recordings are downloaded as an html page which can use javascript to navigate between the presentations or a very small reference movie which downloads the video content using the rtsp protocol. Only the parts viewed are actually downloaded and rewinding and forwarding always works though bandwidth may make it require a few seconds.

The workshop waspresented in rtsp in live from the URLs.

The ability to play the stream may strongly depend on network configuration and proxies. It is advised to use a firewall free NAT-free network but usage of UPnP and other protocols may help. If you can play the test stream at http://media.activemath.org/sample_h264_300kbit.mp4 you will be able to watch the stream. Note that the jaggering-at-start is normal.


The main themes of this year’s meeting will be the Alignment with
MathML3 and the use of OpenMath in Education. The program will
consist of tutorials and contributed talks, and will be organized
into two one-day tracks.

The W3C has chartered the Math Working Group with revising the MathML2
standard until Spring 2008. In this endeavor, the Math working group is revising the content-MathML sublanguage to be isomorphic with
OpenMath. This will greatly enhance interoperability of content
communication for math software systems. We will start off the track by an OpenMath/MathML tutorial, and a presentation of the current content
MathML3 working draft.
The main topic will be discussions on technical issues of the alignment,
possible changes to OpenMath, and perspectives for content Mathematics.

The JEM, Joining Educational Mathematics, thematic network is promoting contributions that highlight new developments and use of semantic markup in digital content designed for eLearning. The possibility to manipulate and communicate mathematical objects without loss of information allows for rich, interactive materials that are ideal in education. New technologies, software libraries and tools, case studies, comparative surveys, and success stories related to semantic markup such e.g. OpenMath, Content MathML, MathBook-MathDox, OMDoc, MathQTI, PhysML, are also welcome.

##Related Events

The workshop takes place as part of the RISC Summer 2007, directly before the Workshop on Mathematical Interfaces (MathUI),
the 6th Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM2007), and the Calculemus Symposium.

Registration will be handled by the RISC summer.

On June 25. 2007 the annual general meeting of the OpenMath Society will be held. More information will be posted as available on the OpenMath Society web pages.

##Call for contributions

We are calling for contributed talks on these topics. Contributed Talks should be submitted by e-mail to the Organizers
along with one-page html-formatted abstract until June 1st 2007.