Working towards Revision 2 of the OpenMath 2 Standard

In the last weeks we have earnestly begun working on OM2 revision 2.

Our goal for this is to get in as many error fixes and clarifications that have been noticed over the years as possible, as long as we can consider them to be within the bounds of “what was intended at the time”.

We have so far

  1. dusted off the build processes and the publishing process to the new web site (thanks a lot, David)
  2. triaged all the issues from the OM3 process a few years back into GitHub OMSTD issues and [CDs issues]
  3. already taken care of some of them, some outright, though some are still pull requests that need feedback.
  4. formed an editorial board for OM2r2: David Carlisle, James Davenport, Patrick Ion, and myself, there has not been a separate mandate from the community on this, but the SC hopes that you agree.

With all this (and we state so in the repositories) we have the beginning of a much more transparent and open process of development of the OM standard and CDs.

Here are some principles for the evolution of OpenMath:

  1. We aim to get OM2r2 approved by the next OM workshop, until which time it is an editor’s draft
  2. We want to the OM community to mention gripes, raise issues, and contribute pull requests as OMSTD issues or [CDs issues]
  3. also, any feedback on the process is welcome.