OpenMath Content Dictionaries - CD Groups

20 Content Dictionary Groups available on this site.

algstr1 Basic Algebraic Structures This is the first version of the CC CD group. O.Caprotti 1999-20-08
arith Basic Arithmetic functions
combinat1 Combinatorics CD Group
constants This CD group contains cds describing constants
directives1 CDs developed at RIACA
error This CD group contains cds describing error symbols
fns Basic Operations on functions
group1 Group Theory CD Group
linalg Linear Algebra CD Group
list Basic Arithmetic functions
mathml MathML compatibility CD Group
meta Meta CD Group
polygrp Polynomial CD Group
riaca_algebra CDs developed at RIACA
scscp This CD group contains cds for the OpenMath SCSCP standard.
sets CDs which describe operations on sets and their names
transc CDs which describe transcendental functions
types1 Types1 CD Group
types2 Types CD Group
units This CD group contains cds describing units and dimensions