OpenMath Thematic Network

The OpenMath Thematic Network, which ran from July 2001 until June 2004, was a European Union sponsored project (number IST-2000-29719) which was a follow on from the earlier ESPRIT Project.

The project’s main activities were:

  1. to organise workshops bringing together people working on OpenMath from around the world;
  2. to provide a continued focus-point for the development of the OpenMath Standard and Content Dictionaries;
  3. to facilitate European participation in the W3C Math Working group by sponsoring the representatives from NAG, Stilo Technology and INRIA.
  4. to coordinate the development of OpenMath and MathML tools, in particular stylesheets;
  5. to coordinate the development of OpenMath and MathML applications;
  6. to disseminate information about OpenMath and MathML.


The following workshops were organised by the Thematic Network:


Many of the documents on this website were produced by the Thematic Network, notably:


The final membership of the Consortium was: