The OpenMath Standard
Version 2.0 (initial release)

The document is available in both XHTML and PDF formats. To view the XHTML versions you need a browser with reasonable CSS support and support for presentation MathML

A ZIP archive of the files in this distribution including the DocBook sources and all necessary stylesheets is also available.

OpenMath 2.0 Standard Document

HTML (single file) omstd20.html  
XHTML (normative version) omstd20html-0.xml (not recommended with current browsers)
XHTML (single file) omstd20html.xml (not recommended with current browsers)
PDF omstd20.pdf  

OpenMath 2.0 Standard Document, with diff-marking showing changes from OpenMath Version 1.1

HTML (single file) omstd20-diff.html  
XHTML (single file) omstd20html-diff.xml (not recommended with current browsers)
PDF omstd20-diff.pdf  


OpenMath CD CD Signatures CD Groups
RNG (normative version) openmath2.rng omcd2.rng omcdsig2.rng omcdgroup2.rng
RNC (source) openmath2.rnc omcd2.rnc omcdsig2.rnc omcdgroup2.rnc
XSD (derived) openmath2.xsd omcd2.xsd omcdsig2.xsd omcdgroup2.xsd
DTD (derived) openmath2.dtd omcd2.dtd omcdsig2.dtd omcdgroup2.dtd