The OpenMath Standard
Editors' Draft

OpenMath Standard

The current edition of the OpenMath Standard is OpenMath Version 2.0.

Editors’ Draft

Generated from the source repository OMSTD

Editors’ Draft (pdf)

Editors’ Draft with diff markings from om20-2004-06-30 (pdf)

Development Process

We use the GitHub issue tracker system of the OpenMath/OMSTD repository to organize development. See in particular

  1. a list of consolidated issues (see also the change tabulation in the editor’s draft).
  2. a list of the unconsolidated issues
  3. a list of the issues under consideration for further releases, but “too big” for an editors’ revision, which we would like to ask OM2018 about.

Feedback is very welcome, please express it in the respective issues or [raise a new one]((


OpenMath CD CD Signatures CD Groups
RNG (normative version) openmath2.rng omcd2.rng omcdsig2.rng omcdgroup2.rng
RNC (source) openmath2.rnc omcd2.rnc omcdsig2.rnc omcdgroup2.rnc
XSD (derived) openmath2.xsd omcd2.xsd omcdsig2.xsd omcdgroup2.xsd
DTD (derived) openmath2.dtd omcd2.dtd omcdsig2.dtd omcdgroup2.dtd

Online validation tool

A JavaScript validation tool is also available as an alternative to using the Schema.